Personalised mugs have become popular not only due to their utility and inexpensive cost but also for their unique and innovative designs. Mugs are available in different variety and materials like; ceramic, bone china, acrylic and recycled plastic. Various themes are available for mugs like; photo mugs or official logos for office gifts, color changing mugs. These mugs come in shiny and attractive colors which has an embedded message or image which become s apparent when exposed to hot water. Apart from their unique and versatile design; they are extremely inexpensive. Due to this, they have become very popular in marketing and promotional offers. When a new product is launched, the main objective of the marketing plan is to increase the awareness of the product among the customers. The best strategy is to give a free gift to customers on the purchase of the product. Customers like to buy products that have a free gift promotional offer; personalised mugs are considered the ideal option as free gifts; since they are cheap and can be designed according the theme like; brand name or the product name. Mugs are high utility item; since everyone likes to drink tea or coffee, this makes them extremely useful and as a free gift they can persuade more customers to buy the product.


 Personalised mugs are also ideal for personal gifts to friends and family. Choosing a suitable gift is an art and a person has to take many factors into consideration. Foremost is the choice and taste of the recipient; also, it pivotal to consider the occasion for the gift. Some people gift cash voucher or gift cards but monetary items leave a poor impression especially; if the recipient is a close friend or member of a family. Since, personalised gift is a symbol of friendship and true connection; a monetary gift will lower its value; as love & friendships are invaluable.


 Special occasion and festive season is the time when people like to connect with their close ones and share the joy and festivity with them. Personalised mugs gift will be an expression to show to your loved ones that you remember them and they are extremely special in your life. It is pertinent that the choice of gift must be extremely personal like; a photo mug. In photo mug, you can scan a memorable photo on the mug which becomes a precious memento for you and your loved one.




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